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Matt Seccombe


Hello my name is Matt.  I have over 20 years experience in the construction industry, 15 of which were spent Commercial diving in the North sea, I completed extensive training to become a Qualified Chimney Sweep.and member of The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps. I am skilled in cleaning, maintaining and testing a wide range of chimneys, stoves and cookers to the highest standard. It is important to keep up to date with modern day sweeping methods. Using all the latest techniques and technological advances with equipment, this allows me to offer the most efficient service to my clients.  I am based in Stirling, where I live with my family.


Helpful Information

Why should I have my chimney swept?

• To satisfy insurance company requirements
Many insurance companies will not pay out for chimney fault fire damage unless it has been regularly swept and maintained by a professional chimney sweep. As a registered chimney sweep I will issue a valid certificate recognised by the insurance companies.
• To protect your health
When using a fuel burning appliance carbon monoxide is produced, especially if the appliance is not burning correctly or the smoke/fumes are not able to exit correctly through the chimney/flue.
• To avoid a chimney fire
You are in danger of a chimney fire if it is not regularly swept, as creosote build-ups will occur (tarring of the chimney).  Chimney fires cause both damage to property and risk to life.
• To extend the life of your appliance
Soot builds up inside your chimney/flue whenever you light your fire.  If not cleared regularly it can drastically reduce the size of the flue (preventing fumes escaping), and also reduce the lifespan of the flue itself, meaning more cost to you.

How often should my chimney be swept?

Manufacturer’s instructions and insurance company requirement will dictate how often your appliance needs to be swept/maintained.  However, below is a general guide:

• Appliances burning well-seasoned wood (15-20% moisture content) or coal – quarterly when in use.
• Appliances burning smokeless fuel, oil or gas – at least once a year.


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